Sinforiano Vineyards employs a multidisciplinary team, with years of experience and training in the activities and tasks of wine making. The team strives to ensure the highest quality of its services and product range. 

We are all involved in this project, working effectively towards a common goal and focusing on error prevention, sharing goals and achievements, in a calm, positive, co-operative manner. 

Sinforiano Vaquero

fundador de la empresa

Daniela Gómez

fundadora de la empresa

Juan Antonio Vaquero

Sales Manager

Miguel Vaquero

Cellar Manager. Innovation and development.

Sergio Vaquero

Technical director

Pilar Vaquero

Customer Support

Cristina Santana

Administration department

Ana Becoechea


Carlos Cancela


Alberto Torres


Elda Sierra


Luis Carlos G. López-Murias

Sales department

Paulino Villazán

Viticulture department

Ruth Sierra

Organic and financial coordination. Export and communication Manager

Santiago Martín

Viticulture department

Jose Antonio Solano

Sales department